Ranjith Jayaraman: If it wasn't for Bijibal, I wouldn't have had the chance to sing in movies

It is rare that the song of a parody continues to lead the music charts. But that's what the music composer Bijibal started last year with the song Njanenum Kinaavu in Aadyarathri that had images that looked like the song Hamsa Naava by Baahubali 2. In many ways, the singer of the Malayalam song Ranjith Jayaraman He also deserves credit for making the song stand out from his images and grant him authenticity.

For the Kochi-based singer, it was his second film track last year, the previous being the Qawwali song Ya Moula from Shubarathri. “I hold the Qawwali track close to my heart, but it wasn't noticed much. However, the song from Aadyarathri had a much wider reach than any of us expected. It was because despite its visuals being conceived as a spoof, Bijibal ettan wasn’t ready to compromise on the music, ”he says.

That is not the only thing for which Ranjith is grateful to the composer. “He is like a sponsor to me in the industry. If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have had the chance to sing at the movies, says the musician, who debuted with Da Thadiya's main song, Enthanu Bhai.

Incidentally, both are alumni of St Albert’s College, Kochi. “Bijibal ettan had passed out of college when I had joined. But he used to visit to help us train for university-level fests. I remember at a light music competition once where he was the judge, I had sung a track that he had composed but wasn’t aware of it, ”he says. That helped us form a brotherly connect.

Ranjith, meanwhile, is now also composing music. Last year, he composed a devotional song entitled Hare Krishna, which was performed by Soumya Ramakrishnan. He also ventured into the independent music scene with some Christmas songs.

Now, there are many platforms for aspiring singers and composers, but in Malayalam, movies are still the priority for many musicians, and I'm not different, Ranjith concludes.