Apple told him to pay staff for luggage checks outside the clock

LOS ANGELES: The California Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Apple You must pay employees for the time they spend waiting for their bags and personal electronic devices to register when they leave work. The decision means that the tech giant will have to pay millions of dollars to more than 12,000 workers per hour in California retail stores that fall under the mandatory baggage search policy.

According to court documents, it is required that you disconnect before undergoing an exit search that can take 5 to 20 minutes. On the busiest days, employees say the waiting time can be up to 45 minutes. Those who refuse to have their belongings checked are subject to disciplinary measures, including termination.

A lower court had previously sided with Apple , ruling that time spent by employees waiting for the exit searches cannot be considered “hours worked” under California law.

Apple representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.