Starting in October, motorcycles will have additional handles, footrests and protective covers to make travel safer.

NEW DELHI: As of October of this year, all manufactured motorcycles must have a permanent grip on the side or behind the driver's seat, a footrest and a protective device covering not less than half of the rear wheel. While the first two provisions will provide comfort to the passengers of the passenger, the third provision will help prevent the passenger's clothes from getting tangled up in the wheel.

In a complete set of amendments to the Motor vehicle rules , the ministry of road transport has also proposed the exact dimensions of the containers that can be allowed on any two-wheeled vehicle. These specifications will bring uniformity at a time when food delivery in two-wheelers is becoming the new norm in all cities.

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The specifications have been made to see that the vehicles do not lose their balance and there is no overload. So far there is no uniform standard and we are fixing the standards, ”said a source. According to the proposal, the boxes should not exceed 550 mm in length, 510 mm in width and 500 mm in height. The weight of the container, including its assembly and the load transported in the container, must not exceed 30 kg.

This will also apply as of October 1.

According to the draft notification, vehicles, which obtain the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), must comply with the standards. This will minimize the risks of accidents and also help increase fuel efficiency.

The notification also proposes that all agricultural tractors and construction equipment vehicles will need a safety cabin for drivers with windshields and windows.