Love Do not Cost A Thing? The rejection could!

On Valentine's Day, you planned the perfect night: a romantic dinner, a little champagne or a romantic movie night. You also planned to propose marriage to your beloved, although through cliché methods: hide a ring in the champagne flute or kneel while the most romantic song sounds that night. Sounds good? However, she has not taken into account a key element: the girl rejects her proposal, or perhaps, she does not appear!

On February 14, dinner dates can be heartbreaking if things don't go well, and when we talk to the staff members of several hotels and restaurants, they told us that the final question, after all those rejections and heartbreaks, is who is going to pay the bill: the boy, the girl or, well, the staff?


'A boy once made the girl pay a considerable bill because she rejected it'

A restaurant staff member tells us: On Valentine's Day, a couple came in and just before placing the order, the boy proposed to the girl. I guess she said no because the boy asked her why she even came for him After about 30-40 minutes, after we asked them to place their order, the guy turned to me and, in a calm voice, said: 'Issue a restaurant from 50 to 70 rupees mein ek mahine mein uda diye. Aur yeh abb mujhe mana kar rahi hai. Then he said to the girl: Theek hai phir! Aaj ka bill toh tu hi degi. Then he made an order for the most expensive meals and drinks on the menu, while the girl remained silent. He made sure the girl paid the bill, which amounted to around Rs 10-12k.


'We are only friends, so we will divide the account as friends do'

He may have been rejected and thought that other people around him did not listen to his shame; However, this is far from the truth. A restaurant employee tells us: Once we had a couple on Valentine's Day, it looked like they were college students. He should have proposed to the girl, because she said loudly: 'No, we're just friends.' I wasn't trying to listen, but it was a small restaurant, so I couldn't help listening to the conversation. When I gave him the bill, the boy took out his card and said: We are just friends, so we. I will divide the account as friends do. He didn't seem embarrassed, but it was quite embarrassing for me.


Restaurant managers end up giving the disconsolate person a free meal

There are times when the girl leaves you, but if it happens on Valentine's Day, my friend, you are doomed. This happened once to a young man in a restaurant in Hauz Khas Village (HKV). The manager narrates the incident and says: On Valentine's Day, some children go overboard. I was working in a popular restaurant chain in HKV, where a child made elaborate arrangements for the night. I assume the girl thought it was a meeting and not a date, because the moment she saw the arrangements, she said 'NO' and left. The boy said nothing or stopped her, but he was so heartbroken that he began to howl. I felt sad for him, so whatever he had ordered so far, I told him that the bill will run for me.

A staff member of a restaurant chain also tells us: On Valentine's Day, couples sometimes make an order and before the meal arrives, they fight and the order is returned. Sometimes they leave right after starting, and sometimes, a person is left at the table crying, and the manager, to retain the customer, takes care of the bill.


Some clients leave great tips to compensate for their partner's drama:

A staff member of a restaurant chain shares: It seems that people love to create a scene during the V-Day dinners, either by throwing angry wine at their partner, crying hysterically, calling their ex or just fighting because they don't He liked the gift. But some guests compensate for their partner's bad behavior by leaving a good tip for their waiter. On Valentine's Day, a married couple had a non-stop discussion, so much so that other guests felt uncomfortable. When they left, the lady told her husband to double the tip for the inconvenience they caused.