There is a great tradition of dialogue, discussion in India: Om Birla

NEW DELHI: Sabha Speaker said Friday that there is a great tradition of dialogue and discussion in it, while presiding over the farewell function of the 35th International Legislative Training Program here in the Parliament Library Building here.

Forty participants from twenty-six countries attended the one-month program.

In giving a brief description of the legislative process in the Indian Parliament, Birla said: There is a great tradition of dialogue and discussion in India.

He added that laws are thoroughly debated by all parties, representing people from all over the country before they are approved by Parliament.

Birla also reported that PRIDE would also organize similar training programs on legislative drafting at the national level.

Speaking about the Legislative Drafting Training Program, Birla said that good governance is closely linked to effective legislation and that such programs contribute greatly to the strengthening of democracy.

He added that the objective of the legislation should be the socio-political and economic elevation of people and, in this sense, effective legislative writing is the most important.

Lok Sabha's speaker said that India is a diverse country and that India's strength is its democracy and diversity. He noted that India is the largest democracy in the world and that in the last general elections more than six hundred million people voted.

Birla said that the identity of Indian democracy are free and fair elections held with full transparency.

He observed, according to a press release, that in a rapidly globalising world , it is imperative that all the nations of the world come together for peace, security and development in an environment of mutual trust and cooperation. He added that India is continually making efforts in this direction.

Speaking on the theme of mutual trust and cooperation, Birla said that our motto is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- the world is one family. He continued saying that India has been at the forefront of cultural and spiritual exchange with the world and that India is the land of knowledge and spirituality.