AAP will fight against all elections of local agencies throughout India to expand its base: Gopal Rai

NEW DELHI: Encouraged by his massive victory in the polls of the Delhi assembly, he has decided to contest all elections to local bodies across the country as part of an ambitious plan to expand his presence beyond the national capital.

In an interview with PTI, the senior leader said the party called a meeting of his national executive on Sunday to discuss the expansion of the party by projecting his positive nationalism.

Rai, a confidante of the head of the AAP Arvind Kejriwal He said the party has set its sights on challenging the assembly's elections in several states, including Punjab, in the first phase.

The agenda for Sunday's meeting is to expand our organization nationwide by including volunteers in large numbers and creating party cadres across the country, he said.

Rai, a minister in the outgoing Kejriwal government, said people can join the AAP 'nation building campaign' by giving a missed call to the telephone number: 9871010101.

We will get in touch with people through this campaign and we will volunteer them in large numbers. The party will contest the elections of all local organizations throughout the country. AAP will fight in the upcoming elections of local bodies in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, he said.

Rai called BJP nationalism negative, stating that AAP will broaden its base by highlighting positive nationalism.

In Delhi, we spread a positive nationalism that is based on love and respect. BJP nationalism is based on hate and divisive politics, he said.

The experiment conducted by the AAP in Delhi has become a role model for the entire country. Our nationalism is a positive nationalism that guarantees good education, medical care and livelihoods for all sectors of society, including farmers, he said.

When asked about BJP's attack on Kejriwal for reciting on a television channel in the pre-election period of the assembly, Rai said that Bharatiya Janata Party , religion is a political weapon, but for the people of the country, religion is a belief.

The BJP does not respect the people of India and sees each person as their vote bank, he said.

In the Delhi polls, the AAP recorded a massive victory by winning 62 of the 70 seats, while BJP accumulated the remaining eight seats. Congress left blank for the second time in a row.