Valentine's Day poems: 10 romantic Valentine's day poems for him and her

This Valentine's Day, make your partner feel special celebrating the 'love day' with your partner. While chocolates and flowers are an ideal way to start V-Day, there's nothing better than a romantic letter. Share your feelings with your partner a handwritten greeting card, an email or a message over the phone. If your poetic abilities are limited and you are struggling to write a letter to your loved one, then we have something so that your BAE's mood is ready for the day. Here are 10 romantic poems that you can share with your love on Valentine's Day 2020:

As I love you?

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

As I love you? Déjame contar las formas.nTe amo a lo profundo, ancho y alto

My soul can reach, when I feel out of sight

For the purposes of being and ideal grace.

I love you at the level of every day

Need more calm, by the sun and the candlelight.

I love you freely, while men fight for the right thing.

I love you purely, as they depart from praise.

I love you with the passion put into use

In my old pains, and with the faith of my childhood.

I love you with a love that seemed to lose

With my lost saints. I love you with the breath

Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God chooses,

I will love you better after death.


I want to be yours...

John Cooper Clarke

I want to be your vacuum

breathing your dust I want to be your Ford Curtain

I will never rust

If you like your hot coffee

let me be your coffee maker

You call the shots

I want to be yours

I want to be your raincoat

for those frequent rainy days

I want to be your dream

when you want to sail away

Let me be your teddy bear

take me with you anywhere

I do not care

I want to be yours

I want to be your electric meter

I will not run out

I want to be the electric heater

without getting a cold

I want to be your setting lotion

hold your hair with deep devotion

Deep as the deep Atlantic Ocean

That's how deep my devotion is


When you are old

When you are old, gray and full of sleep,

And nodding by the fire, lower this book,

And slowly read, and dream with the soft look

Your eyes once, and their deep shadows;

How many loved your moments of joyful grace,

And I loved your beauty with false or true love,

But a man loved the pilgrim soul in you,

And he loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And crouching beside the bright bars,

Murmur, a little sad, how love fled

And I walked on the mountains above

And hid his face in the middle of a multitude of stars.


A red, red rose

Robert Burns

My love is like a red rose, red

That just came up in June:

My love is like the melody

That is played sweetly in tune.

As you are fair, my bonnie girl,

I am so deeply in love:

And I will still love you, dear

Until the seas dry.

Until the seas dry, dear,

And the rocks melt with the sun:

And I will still love you, dear

While the sands of life run.

And may you do well, my only love,

And do well for a while!

And I will come again, my love

You were ten thousand miles.


When we are old and these cheerful veins

Edna St. Vincent Millay

When we are old and these cheerful veins

They are frosty channels to a muted sequence,

And of everything we burn his remains

There is no weak spark to say goodbye, even in dreams,

This is our consolation: that was not said

When we were young, warm and at our best,

On our sofa we lie as the dead lie,

Sleep back time.

Oh sweet! Oh honey!

When the morning hits his spear on the ground,

And we must get up and arm ourselves and rebuke

The insolent daylight with a firm hand,

It is not unknown if knowledge knows

We got up from ecstasy but an hour ago.


To celia

Ben jonson

Drink from me alone with your eyes

And I will commit to mine.

Or leave a kiss but in the cup

And I will not look for wine.

The thirst that rises from the soul

Ask for a divine drink;

But if I could eat Jove's nectar,

I wouldn't change for yours.

I sent you a pink crown late

Not so much to honor you as to give you the hope that there are

It could not wither;

But you just breathed about it

And he sent it back to me,

Since when it grows and smells, I swear

Not from himself, but from you.


I love you

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I love your lips when they are wet with wine

And red with a wild desire;

I love your eyes when the beautiful light lies

Illuminated with a passionate fire.

I love your arms when the warm white flesh

He touches mine in a warm hug;

I love your hair when the strands get tangled

Your kisses against my face.

The cold and calm kiss is not for me

Of the love without blood of a virgin;

It is not for me the white bliss of the saint,

Not the heart of an immaculate dove.

But give me the love that so freely gives

And laughs at the fault of the whole world,

With your body so young and warm in my arms,

Turn on my poor heart.

So kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth

Still fragrant with ruby ​​wine,

And say with a fervor born from the south

That your body and your soul are mine.

Hold me in your warm young arms

While the pale stars shine up,

And we will live our whole young life away

In the joys of a living love.


When I'm down, you lift me up.

When it hurts, you make me feel good.

Your love is exaggerated and I am always under your spell.

My compass points to you, and all roads lead home.

I always find you waiting, no matter where I wander.


If I were a bird

a robin or a jay,

I would fly to your house

And it serenades you all day.


I knew you were there

But I didn't know your name.

I called you, but you never came.

I knew it was you, but I didn't know your face.

Then my soul recognized you; Our souls have embraced.