Parikrama's lead guitarist, Sonam Sherpa, dies of cardiac arrest

Sonam Sherpa, 48 and founder of the acclaimed band Parikrama, died today in Kurseong. The musician was in Kurseong to record his next movie and supposedly succumbed to cardiac arrest.

It was known that Sherpa played guitars since he was nine years old, and formed the band Parikrama in 1991 in Delhi along with Subir Malik who plays the organ in the band. Some of his popular works include But It Rained, Tears of the Wizard and Am I Dreaming.

Speaking about his sudden disappearance, Climb Malik said: I am in shock and I am on my way to meet your family in New Delhi. I was in Kurseong to record music for an upcoming movie. It is still unclear where the last rites will be performed. The musician is survived by his wife and son. While fans are mourning, the band's future remains unclear.

For the non-versed, cardiac arrest is the sudden loss of blood flow, which leads to the failure of the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body effectively. Some of the signs of cardiac arrest include abnormal breathing and loss of consciousness. Other symptoms include chest pain, difficulty breathing before a cardiac arrest occurs.