Bidipta shares its shooting experience

Bidipta Chakraborty is back from Purulia after completing the filming of IndradeepDas Gupta The Bismillah movie, starring Riddhi Sen , Subhashree , Kaushik Ganguly and others in the lead. The film focuses on the tradition of a musical family and how foreign intrusion creates disturbance in it. “The film revolves around the conflict between traditional and modern music. We had a great shot for the movie. ID (Indradeep) pampers his team a lot, so I think we all enjoy filming for his films. Food plays an important role in his unit and I think I gained a few extra pounds after working with his team, the actress said. I play Bismillah's mother in this movie. Riddhi, who plays Bismillah, is like my son in real life, so it was easy to interpret his son.

mother on the screen, ”Bidipta said with a smile.

Bidipta has also completed the filming of Debaloy Bhattacharya Dracula Sir, which revolves around an elementary school teacher who has an outstanding pair of canine teeth and earns the nickname of Dracula Sir.