Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 update, February 13: Fukru and Rajith receive the latest warning from Bigg Boss

The 39th day of big boss Malayalam 2 Start with Aria's daily homework. In the homework, Aria It is assigned to assume each of the contestants as a product and execute a campaign to sell the product. During homework, Rajith walks out alleging that Aria has insulted him.

After homework Fukru is seen playing with the door handle blocking everyone. Rajith intends to enter the house and pulls the handle. This triggers Fukru and I have pushes Rajith. The duo ends up in a scuffle and housemates rush to stop them.

Then, big boss calls the duo to the confession room and warns them for the act. Fukru apologises to Rajith and the duo leaves the room holding hands.

At noon, big boss announces the second round of the luxury task. In the task, housemates find the maximum number of coins that are hidden in different parts of the house. When the round finishes, Fukru tops the game by winning maximum points.

In the next round, the housemates take a reference card and follow the instructions given on it. The entire game takes a U-turn when the card indicates select a person and he loses all his points and chooses a person and his points are doubled. After the final round, Pashanam Shaji win homework Manju & Pradeep get the second & third position.

At night, Veena & Manju wish their beaus on Valentine's day. When Aria writes a letter with tissue paper & eyeliner for her 'Jaan', Veena dedicates a song for husband Aman.

Then, big boss announces a sponsored task & housemates are seen painting a given area. Pashanam Shaji 's team wins the game & they get chocolate brownies as a gift.