Proud son of Goa, he left too soon

He put Colvale on the world map

The quiet town of Colvale where Wendell Rodricks made his home in the 1990s, leaving behind fame, fortune and glamor in Mumbai, wore a deserted look on Thursday. The villagers mourned their favorite son, who found their final resting place in the church of San Francisco de Asís, some distance from their ancestral home in the afternoon.

Wendell's extensive house was silent, with a few policemen guarding the door. His family, including his partner Jerome Marrel, had requested privacy from supporters. Wendell's manager, Mahesh Tuekar, told us: “He always treated us like his family. He said: ‘Mahesh, we will build a small business, but a happy business. I do not want money; I have enough, just take care of this family and the staff. We don't have to do much production, not export anything, just concentrate on India and keep our creativity, instead of going big and losing creativity. He was mainly at home during the last month and active in social networks. We were supposed to meet today. We also celebrated our birthdays the same day.

Mahesh talked about how Wendell loved being at home. “It was his private place; He enjoyed watching the birds and walking his dogs. Recently he lost two dogs and adopted two stray puppies, ”he said. Wendell gave up his original home in Colvale for the Goa Fashion Museum, which is supposed to open soon. The museum, which was the dream of his life, will tell the story of Goa through his clothing, jewelry and other artifacts. Mahesh insisted that the work in the museum would continue as planned and open on the date decided. “He invited me to be one of his museum administrators that was scheduled to open in March. Goa Fashion would probably be the first fashion museum in the world. Wendell had published on February 7 that the final touches were being made. It is sad that he did not live to see the inauguration of the project of his dreams, ”said Prajal Sakhardande, a heritage activist.

The villagers remembered Wendell as a true son of the earth. “He put Colvale on the world map through his good work in fashion and the environment. He has always helped and supported us and other villagers, and we will miss him very much, ”said Nityanand Candolkar, Sarpanch de Colvale. Another villager, Wynne Paul, talked about Wendell's wonderful presence in the town. “He was a good musician, a good author and someone who fought for the environment. It is a great loss for Colvale and for Goa in general. He tried to save the mango trees, but it wasn't like that, ”he said.

These are the centuries-old mango trees that Wendell had made a relentless campaign to avoid being cut down by the expansion of a road. But weeks ago, when I was traveling, the trees were cut in the middle of the night. On Thursday, not far from Wendell's house, construction workers were busy at the site, expanding the road in Colvale.

'A kind and generous soul, what he did for Goa will always be appreciated'

Thanks Wendell for everything. It is you who made this village boy what he is today and I owe him all my success. You gave me the perfect start to my career. As a friend, mentor and father, you always helped me on my trip and you were always there guiding me. I am shocked, sad and heartbroken. RIP Wendell. You will never be forgotten. - Prathamesh Maulingkar, supranational lord 2018

When I think of Wendell, I think of the star that he is and always will be. The legend that put Indian fashion on the world map. It was really a privilege to be such a close part of his life. I am absolutely devastated by the loss: my friend and mentor will miss you very much. - Pia Trivedi, former model

Wendell was a friend, a mentor and, most importantly, a good human being. He gave this Anjuna boy the opportunity to model and start his career. Your skills are irreplaceable and will always be appreciated. The work he did for Goa, for the environment and for the fashion community will always be appreciated and appreciated. - Dalton D’souza, model

Wendell was a kind and generous soul. When he was at the top of his game, he made clothes for plus size women, referring to them as voluptuous goddesses. He worked bravely for LGBTQ rights and gave people like me the hope of lasting relationships between people of the same sex. It was a repository of knowledge and spoke eloquently about arts, politics and culture. He was working hard to realize the dream of his MODA Goa museum, his gift to Goa, for which he left his own house and years of his life. He seemed exhausted by all the obstacles that arise at the start of something like that in India, but he never ceased to be the kind and loving friend he was. India has lost a wonderful artist and human being. And I have lost a dear friend. I will miss you deeply, dear Wendell. Enjoy your 'Summer' for eternity. - Apurva Asrani, film editor

Surprised is a euphemism! I am still trying to understand the massive loss of the fraternity and the people of Goa. I didn't know Wendeloo or W, who were my names for him, as a celebrity designer. First it was a friend who was introduced to me by my common friend Monica Patel de Pune. Our meetings were about sharing food and recipes, which would keep me fascinated, as it was like a book that spoke in real time. He shared experiences and recipes, with pride and love for Goa. He loved music and was my great dance partner. My favorite speech was marry me, which seemed funny. The world is a sadder place because we have lost a soul that carried its heart on its sleeve ... a dying generation. I love you w Until we meet again. - Kimmy Sheorey, former actor

He was a person who met me at the beginning of his career in Goa. We were very friends throughout the years. I was also very close to my wife. We just organized the tribute to Beethoven last week. He didn't look very good when we went to his house to discuss the event, but he spoke very well at the event. He was a man with a vision. He was a person who looked at Goa differently and said he would leave a mark on Goa. By March the museum was supposed to be ready. His death was a shock and I have no words to express my pain. - Alexyz, cartoonist