Promise me you'll never run from my runway: the message from Delhi airport to IndiGo on V-Day

NEW DELHI: Love is surely flourishing between the Delhi airport and the airlines, including IndiGo and Air India (AI) on Valentine's Day, as social media users were treated with cheerful and full exchanges of affection Word games.

In a tweet on Friday morning, the Delhi airport posted a special message for IndiGo Airlines that said: Hello @ IndiGo6E, promise me you'll never run away from my runway! #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020.

To this, IndiGo responded with an aeronautical humor. @delhiairport Oh honey, your love brings me time, always! #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo.

The public display of affection between the two did not end here. The Delhi airport replied: My love, @ IndiGo6e, we have so many future planes together! #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020.

To this, IndiGo, referring to the hit Shah Rukh Khan Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie, said: @delhiairport Every time you say that kuch kuch hota hai #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo.

The Delhi airport gave a shameless response to IndiGo saying: I am crazy about you. #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020. Recognizing the love of the Delhi airport, IndiGo replied: @delhiairport I know your love relationship goes beyond one! #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020 #LetsIndiGo.

In addition to IndiGo, the Delhi airport tweeted its affection for Air India. Hello @airindiain, you will always be my love on the first flight! #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020, it said.

In response, Air India said: @delhiairport It feels great to have a special place in its center. After this, the Delhi airport gave a sweet answer: I love how you are so flat and simple. #DELlovesYou # ValentinesDay2020.