Despite the protests, Hindu College celebrates Valentine's Day with posters #DeepVeer

On Friday, Hindu College students gathered around the Virgin Tree for an inclusive Valentine's Day event that celebrates all forms of love, friendship and romance. But the celebration witnessed a protest by the students of the girls' shelter, who claimed that there was an attempt to go against the decision that was made in a public meeting with the director of the university earlier this week.

A student from the university told us: One day before Valentine's Day, the students of the shelters for boys and girls had issued a statement announcing that there would be a mutual celebration organized by both communities of shelters for the entire university. And the children The hostel had also placed a friendly LGBTQIA + 'Love Has No Gender' poster, but later, some outsiders came and placed a poster of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh and tried to perform the ritual. However, the members of the children's shelter present at the place decoupled from such a celebration.

Another student added: At the meeting, it was decided that no ritual/celebration that was held before will be organized this year. But they had put a poster of a heterosexual couple (Ranveer and Deepika) on the V-Tree. There was a pundit to perform the ritual too. When we (girls shelter members) protested against him, the poster was removed.

Also, unlike other years, no condoms were put on the tree. But they threw condoms full of water at us, another student claimed. When the protests occurred, the administration intervened, but the celebration continued in the children's shelter, the student added.