When the love of a Gujarati woman saved this Chinese man

AHMEDABAD: Love can overcome any possibility. This was demonstrated in the case of an Amdavadi woman whose love for her husband casually saved her husband from China from the outbreak of the crown virus.

Pallavi Gautam, 38, of Chandkheda, was an interpreter for Ma Hai Guo, 30, of the city of Sichuan Province in China. The interpretation became love and they married according to Buddhist rituals in December 2016.

During the marriage, the couple promised to support each other at any difficult time and fulfilled their promise.

Pallavi, who is now known as Ma Pallavi Hai Guo, says: “After our marriage, we don't spend quality time together. Then I asked my husband to come to India for a long rest so we can live together. He followed my advice and came here on January 29, which was the same moment when the outbreak of the crown virus appeared in China.

Pallavi said that Ma Hai Guo works in a cell phone manufacturing company and that she was chosen by her, since she is not like any typical Indian husband who feels ashamed when doing household chores.

“He can cook, clean the house and do any work that the Indian husband doesn't usually do. This was one of the reasons to select him as my life partner, ”he said.

The couple has a two-year-old daughter, which means peaceful in Chinese. Pallavi says that her husband will stay in India for at least six months and then the couple will decide later their plans to settle in India or China.