Uttarakhand: Drunk man shoots the boy after being hit by a cricket ball

DEHRADUN: In a strange incident, a drunk man allegedly shot an 11-year-old boy with his gun after being hit by a cricket ball in the village of Bheti in Balganga Tehsil of the Tehri district on Thursday.

Police said the children in the village were playing cricket when the two men, identified as Ramlal and Bijendra Kandari, were hit by the ball while they were sitting outside Ramlal's house.

Angry at being hit by the ball, Ramlal took Kandari's gun and shot the boy, identified as Mahesh, as he approached the two defendants to pick up the ball.

He was immediately taken to a nearby community health center (CHC) from where he was referred to AIIMS Rishikesh for treatment.

“Both Ramlal and Kandari were under the influence of alcohol. The revenue police immediately arrested Ramlal and Kandari was also arrested later, ”said Pradeep Singh Rawat, in charge of the Ghansali police station.

The revenue police also confiscated the weapon used in the crime and began investigating the matter.