Go out and celebrate being single this Valentine's day

With restaurants that offer special discounts for single diners and young people dressed up for dating themselves, Valentine's Day is a day of love for single people as well. Staying single for any reason and choosing to love yourself seems to be a common option among young people today. Akshata Raut, a Symbiosis student who is single and goes out on a date with herself, asks: Who says you can't buy a rose or write poetry for yourself or admire yourself in the mirror? Valentine's Day is a good excuse to celebrate ourselves as we are and show some self-esteem. We don't need anyone else for that.

A motivation to go out alone

While most restaurants in the city depend on the business of today's couples, some places also consider singles. An Aundh-based coffee shop offers a 40 percent discount to today's singles. Ritesh Kanojia, the owner, jokes: Being single on Valentine's Day is no longer a bitter reminder that there is no one to love you. Singles have fun just like couples and giving them discounts will motivate them to go out alone. It makes commercial sense and makes singles feel included in the day of love. Kanojia coffee is reserved for the day with full singles to take advantage of discounts on cakes, cookies, coffee and more. We expect about 100 singles to visit coffee today, share.

Pune is not the only city where coffees celebrate singles on Valentine's Day. In Bandra, Mumbai, a café offers free roses and chocolates to today's singles. We are informing the singles that this celebration is also for them and we offer them a free rose and chocolate today, says Monty Irani, the owner of the coffee. And in Ahmedabad, a café serves free chai for singles today. “We need to understand that there are people who are single by choice and have every reason to celebrate the day. So I thought about offering free chai to all single men and women, ”says owner Prafull Billore.

You can love yourself

Mental health influencer Neha Banerjee, who suffered a severe breakdown last year, is an advocate for personal appointments. “On Valentine's Day, I give myself a stuffed animal, a chocolate and go out to dinner with myself. Be soft, romantic, strange, because nobody will love you the same way you can love yourself, says Neha, and adds: It feels good to love yourself.

Aman Sharma, an MBA graduate who goes on a personal date today, says: “We are always critical of ourselves consciously and subconsciously. I feel that singles need this day to tell themselves that they are enough. It took me a while to gather the courage to go out in disguise to a restaurant in Koregaon Park where I would be surrounded by couples. But what the hell, I go and I am myself and I go out with myself.