Kutch art on display at an exhibition in Delhi

The first exhibition of Kutch Craft Collective (KCC) is a sample of artisanal cured textile and non-textile products from Kutch. This three-day exhibition at The Aga Khan Hall presents a rare opportunity to appreciate the precious craft crafts of the Kutch region.


The exhibition shows artisan saris, patterned fabrics and fabrics, bags and accessories, lifestyle products, art panels, home furnishings and more products from the Kutch region. The event also includes embroidery from more than 14 ethnic communities in Kutch. Hard materials crafts (3D crafts) include traditional lacquered wood crafts from the semi-nomadic community of Vutch de Kutch. Artists' communities have also recycled plastic through a technique called plastic fabric through which they create products for daily use, such as school bags, carrying bags, file folders, floor covers, newspaper covers, etc. Engravings, hand-painted batik, bandhani are also part of the exhibition. Kutch Craft Collective organizations quickly realized that a collaborative network can have greater reach and impact in building sustainable livelihoods for artisans. All KCC craft organizations share a common vision, values ​​and roots, says Pankaj Shah, mentor of KCC.