Bigg Boss 13: An old video of Khatron Ke Khiladi shows Sidharth Shukla fighting with Arjun Kapoor

With the end of Bigg Boss 13 just around the corner, the best contestants are in the headlines outside the house almost every day. Now an old video of Khatron Ke Khiladi 7 has appeared online, which shows Sidharth Shukla arguing with the host, Arjun Kapoor .

In the video, Arjun Kapoor is seen upset with Sidharth Shukla as he sat down while other contestants were standing up. Sidharth tries to justify himself and tells Arjun that he only sat for a few minutes. Sid asks Arjun why he is yelling at him. This makes the latter angry.

Arjun asks the manufacturers to retain Sidharth or him. He goes on to say that he arrives early and sets in the sun without complaining, but Sidharth counteracts him by saying that everyone does the same. Contestant Raghav Juyal Try to solve the matter but in vain.

However, this turns out to be a joke. Arjun ends the drama by sharing that he was having fun. He couldn't stop laughing at Raghav, who tries to make peace innocently between the two.

At Bigg Boss 13's house, spectators often witnessed Sidharth's aggressive side when he ended up fighting with most of the contestants. However, despite everything, the actor 'Dil Se Dil Tak' enjoys great popularity among the masses.

The final of Bigg Boss 13 will take place tomorrow (February 15) and it remains to be seen who takes the winning trophy home.