F1: Norris closer to McLaren and so far from Monaco

WORKING (England): Lando Norris has literally approached his McLaren teammates as they prepare for a new season that could narrow the gap between the resurgent former champions and the top three in Formula One.

Monaco, the playground of the Mediterranean millionaire that houses the six-time Mercedes world champion Lewis Hamilton and other rivals, it is not on the immediate radar of the 20-year-old Brit.

I am firmly established in the United Kingdom, he told reporters Thursday at the presentation of his team's new MCL35 car at the Woking headquarters in Surrey.

I have changed place, even closer to McLaren. I timed it the other day - it took me three minutes 20 seconds to get from here to my new place. That's driving within the speed limit, I added.

His previous trip, from Guildford, took 25 minutes.

I like going to London, I can be with my friends and have a lot of fun. If I move to Monaco I will not enjoy things at all, he said, adding that in no case was he earning the kind of salary that would compensate for the loss of fun.

My enjoyment takes care of everything else at this time and is more crucial to how I want to be and how I want to live life.

Norris made a great impression on his 2019 debut season, especially for his cheerful approach to social networks and his jocular relationship with his Spanish teammate. Carlos Sainz .

However, he said he planned to mitigate some of that frivolity online because some people did not understand what it was.

I will continue to be who I am, I will continue to do everything I do and I will have fun and continue to make jokes, he said.

But there are times when I sometimes need to do it, not changing my focus because I still worked hard ... but things can be portrayed quite differently from what I know and see of myself compared to the outside world.

A lot of people see me making jokes and whatever. And, therefore, they turn and blame for the mistakes I make when I have fun and see me as if I wasn't focused compared to other drivers.

Norris said he took the trolls online calmly and found 90% of the comments fun, but admitted that criticism could also play in the mind.

The Briton, who scored 49 points to Sainz's 96 last year to help McLaren finish fourth overall, said he would be starting the new season without the rookie stresses and could not resist a laugh at his own expense when he looked back on his progress.

I have been told that I am not allowed to say the word I was going to say. But last year I was crapping a lot, especially right now, he said.

While I have much more confidence now, I am much more relaxed and that prepares me better for the season.