Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, February 13: Abir helps Kunal realize that he loves Kuhu

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , Mishti & Kuhu Get out of Rajwansh house & go back to their home with Maheshwari family.

Mishti asks Kuhu how did she win the hearts of her in-laws. Kuhu is irritated by her questions because lately, Mishti has been receiving all the attention from Rajwansh family.

Rajshri takes away Mishti ’s phone at night & gives it to Varsha. Open messages Mishti that Kunal & Kuhu are going to take a divorce, but she does not read it as her phone is with Varsha.

Open tells Kunal that he will help him get separated from Kuhu . Open says to Kunal that his marriage with Kuhu was not his wish & he was forced to marry her but now he must divorce her.

Kunal tells Open that he will not let Kuhu leave him & the family. Open tells Kunal that he must let Kuhu know that he loves her.

The next morning, Meenakshi crushes the haldi for Open ’s haldi ceremony.

Rajwansh family enjoys Open ’s haldi ceremony while Maheshwari family has fun at Mishti ’s haldi ceremony.

Kuhu messages Kunal that she wants to meet him. Open replies back that he shall not meet her. Kunal scolds Open for replying to Kuhu , on his behalf.

Mishti receives a call on Kuhu’s phone. Mishti hears the opposite person talking about meeting Kuhu at court.

Kuhu takes away the phone from Mishti & cuts the call. Kuhu tells Mishti she has a spa appointment, & to confirm this Mishti call at the spa & gets to know that Kuhu actually has an appointment.