Valentine's Day 2020: Satyajit Ray's real life love story was nothing short of the typical Bollywood drama!

It culminated with a happy ending but only after some unexpected turns. Satyajit Ray It's real-life love story was nothing less than a typical Bollywood drama! Manik (Satyajit Ray) and Bijoya (Ray’s wife) dated for eight long years, married secretly and then made a clever plan to convince the two families for the match.

Bijoya lightning She was a friend of the Oscar-winning director since her teens, but it was only in 1940 that they began to develop romantic feelings with each other while listening to music together almost every day. Madly in love, the couple was not so convinced if they could marry since their families would not agree with their relationship.

Interestingly, Ray was younger than Bijoya and a close relative. Therefore, the marriage was out of the question. So, initially they decided never to marry. The iconic couple wanted their lives to continue as they were. But, fate had something else in mind. When she moved to Mumbai to get better movie opportunities, Ray, who used to work at an advertising agency, often wrote love letters and traveled from Calcutta to meet his girlfriend.

ra-bijoya As Satyajit Ray and Bijoya lightning kept going out on dates, their bonding deepened as time flied and then came the realisation that marriage was inevitable. When they opted for a registry marriage in Mumbai without the knowledge of Satyajit Ray ’s family, Bijoya’s mother disapproved the idea. But without paying heed to her views, the pair tied the knot at the house of Bijoya’s sister on October 20, 1949.

In a small reception, even the legendary theater and film actor Prithviraj Kapoor and his wife took the opportunity to bless the newlyweds.

Later, in an interview, Bijoya, who died in 2015, admitted that he never imagined that he would really marry Manik. And when it happened, they split between happiness and pain, since the couple had to keep their marriage a secret. They couldn't even live together.

Meanwhile, Ray became famous for his Apu trilogy He revealed everything to his family friend and doctor Nosho Babu, who devised an intelligent plan to convince Ray's mother to accept the marriage.

Without revealing that they have already married, Satyajit Ray made it clear that he wouldn’t marry anyone but Bijoya. Reluctantly and after much persuasion, Ray’s mother finally agreed and the couple got married for the second time on March 3, 1949 but this time all in Bengali rituals.

They say ‘behind every successful man, there's a woman.' It was very true even in Satyajit ray’s case. From ‘Pather Panchali’ till he breathed his last, Bijoya lightning was involved with him in every possible way.

Even before becoming a writer, Ray would have Bijoya read all his scripts. He would give her a pencil to make changes, if there were any and she would give him suggestions. I would take them or discuss them carefully. In fact, 90% of his suggestions were taken by her husband.

It was nothing less than a typical Bollywood love story!