The daring act of Rachita Ram in the last teaser of 'Ek Love Ya' released on Valentine's Day is impressive

Frog actors and Ram Twig have been busy shooting for their new movie ‘Ek Love Ya’, which is directed by Jogi Prem. Now, the makers of the film have released the teaser of the movie on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. And the teaser has surprised fans as actress Ram Twig , who has always played homely roles in movies until now, appears in a bold avatar in this one.

While on-screen display of affection had been restricted to hugs and holding hands until now in Kannada film industry, new-age films are starting to push the boundaries farther with liplocks becoming a frequent feature in movies these days. And now, Sandalwood Dimple Queen Ram Twig too has shed her inhibitions and done a kissing scene for ‘Ek Love Ya’. Last year, Rachita starred in a romantic song along with Upendra in 'I Love You' that had created a great controversy.

The kissing scene in the movie ‘Ek Love Ya’ takes place between Rana and Ram Twig . Rana is making his acting debut in Sandalwood with this movie. The teaser has revealed that actress Ram Twig will appear in a bold character. This is evident from the scene where Ram Twig is seen lighting a cigarette in the teaser.

The 'Ek Love Ya' team is currently busy shooting and is planning to release the movie soon. Director Prem, who is known for creating great love stories, is ready to give another love-based movie to the audiences. Ram Twig and Reshma are playing the female lead roles in the movie, which has Arjun Janya The musical composition