Hardik Patel disappeared for 20 days, claims the wife of the leader of Patidar

AHMEDABAD: The leader of the Patidar community has been missing for 20 days, according to his wife, who also accused the Gujarat administration of attacking her husband.

My husband has been missing since the last 20 days, we have no information about his whereabouts. We are deeply hurt by their absence and we want people to think if they can withstand this kind of separation, Kinjal alleges in a video shared on the Internet.

In 2017, this government was saying that all Patidars cases will be removed. So why are they targeting Hardik alone, why not the other two leaders of the Patidar movement who joined BJP, he said.

This government doesn't want Hardik to meet and interact with people and stop raising public issues, says Kinjal.

Although Hardik Patel's whereabouts have not yet been found, the last time he congratulated Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal after his victory in the elections to the Assembly, through a message from his identifier verified on Twitter on February 11.

On February 10, through social networks, Patel had accused the Gujarat government of trying to lock him up in jail as the panchayat elections in the state approached.

In his tweet, Patel said: Four years ago, Gujarat police presented a false case against me, during the elections of Lok Sabha I asked the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner for details of the cases against me, but this case did not It was against me. Fifteen days ago, the police came to my house to stop me, but I was not in my house, said Patel's tweet, translated approximately into Hindi English.

The hearing on my request for advance bond is ongoing in this false case in the higher court. Many amparo orders against me have also been issued. Panchayat elections are approaching in Gujarat, so BJP wants to lock me in jail. I will continue the fight of the public against BJP. We will meet soon, said his second tweet.

Patel was sent to judicial custody until January 24 after being arrested for not appearing before a trial court in Ahmedabad in connection with a sedition case. After freeing himself, through another tweet, he had hinted that he will continue his fight.

Patel was hired by Crime Branch in 2015 on charges of sedition for his provocative comments where he allegedly asked his supporters to kill the cops instead of committing suicide for the cause of the reservation.

However, Patel had claimed that there was no evidence against him on the charge sheet filed by the Crime Branch regarding the criminal conspiracy and inciting people to evict the government during the violent turmoil that followed the community meeting of Patidar on August 25, 2015.