Valentine's Day Special: Actress Jismy Satheeshan and cinematographer Shinjith K share their love story

Manjil Virinja Poovu's television actress and serial fame, Jismy Satheesan, married her love, director of photography Shinjith K , in October. Jismy tells us how Shinijith, who was the director of photography for the 2015 series Sthreethwam, proposed to her. “While working together, we had a good relationship. One day, he said his family is looking for alliances and asked if I am committed to someone. When I said no, his immediate question was: I want to marry you and I want to have a life together. For a moment, I was surprised, but my answer was yes. He asked Shinjith to talk to his family, and Both families supported them. Jismy says her most romantic moment so far was Shinjith's first birthday after her wedding. She reveals: She doesn't remember anyone's birthdays, including his. As usual, he was busy shooting the day and coming home at night. I surprised him with a cake and gifts. And what's more, in the remaining hours, I gave him something every two hours. He got excited and excited, and said it was the first time in his life that he had such a special birthday. And this is what you have in store for this V Day: I want to surprise you with a ring, but don't do it. I don't know if you have something reserved for me!

Photo courtesy: The Magic Stories Kochi

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