Bangalore: Ruling 1.1 crooked aspiring hajis

BENGALURU: Three Mumbai-based travel agents allegedly cheated about 50 people to Rs 1.1 million rupees after promising to send them to Haj pilgrimage last year.

On February 7, Noorulla Rhim Sab, 41, a resident of RT Nagar and a businessman, filed a police complaint against Yusuf Hasan, who ran Asra Enterprises in Mumbai, and his employee, Iqbal.

In his complaint, Noorulla stated that he and his relatives planned and contacted the defendants in January 2019, after finding their number online.

The defendants told Noorulla that they could send him and his 49 relatives in Haj. They cited Rs 3.2 lakh per head, including all expenses. Noorulla accepted and sent 50 passports by courier to the Asra Enterprises office in Mumbai and deposited Rs 6 lakh in advance to his bank account in February 2019, a police officer said, citing the copy of the complaint.

Police added that Noorulla said he and his relatives paid a total of Rs 1.1 million rupees in several installments to the defendant between January and August 2019.

Recently, I asked the defendant by phone to send us visas and air tickets. Ameed promised that visas and tickets would arrive in a few weeks. But our passports were returned to us by mail and then we discovered that their mobile phones were turned off, Noorulla declared in his complaint.

RT Nagar police have registered a case of deception and criminal violation of trust against the trio.

According to the police, the author paid Rs 6 lakh through bank transactions and the rest in cash. The police have asked the plaintiff to provide more documents related to the case.

The probe is on. We will call the suspects for questioning and take action based on the evidence against them, a police officer said.