Bangalore: 4 days after the accident of Mercedes, the mystery deepens on the role of the son of R Ashoka

BENGALURU/BALLARI: Four days after two people died when a speeding brown on National Highway 50 between Hampi and Bangalore, it is still unclear if the son of the revenue minister, Sharath, was in the car or driving him.

TOI was the first to report the accident in its edition of February 12 (Wednesday) and the possibility of the participation of the son of a minister.

After maintaining a studied silence for two days, Ashoka turned on Thursday about Sharath's presence in the car. Early Thursday morning, Ashoka is reported to have told a Kannada news channel by phone that his son was in the backseat of the crashed car, adding that he will wait for the police investigation to reveal the truth. The channel issued a ticker of breaking news with the admission of the minister.

Soon, Ashoka retracted his statement and insisted that his son was not in the car. A visibly upset minister told reporters: “The law is the same for everyone. As a minister, I don't want to influence anything. My child's name is not in the FIR. There is no connection between my son and the car that encountered an accident in Ballari. ”

Ashoka evaded a direct response when asked specifically if his son was present in the car. I don't want to say anything about it (son or accident) since the police are conducting an investigation. May the investigation reveal the truth.

Will react after obtaining details: Minister of the Interior

Nor was he willing to reveal his son's whereabouts on Monday afternoon when the accident occurred in Ballari.

Police authorities said the Mercedes - KA-05-MW-0357 - is registered in the name of the National Public School (NPS), Banashankari, Bengaluru, which is apparently owned or administered by Ashoka. This is one of the six NPS schools developed in a consulting model by the chain of renowned schools in the city.

According to police sources, Ashoka's son, Sharath, and his friends in two cars, Mercedes Benz and Audi Q7, had been at a resort near Hampi to celebrate the birthday of one of his friends. It is said that the accident happened on his way back to Bangalore.

The car that crashed had five occupants. The FIR names Rahul as the driver of the car and Rakesh, Shivakumar and Varun as the other passengers.

Ravi Naik, a Mandya construction worker, who was drinking tea at a roadside stand, was killed instantly when the car hit him and dragged him for about 100 meters. It is said that Sachin, friend of Sharath and sitting in the seat next to the driver, succumbed to the wounds.

It is alleged that the police officers who went to register the case omitted the name of the son of the investigation minister when naming all his friends. Sharath, it is alleged, was sent in an SUV to Bangalore, where he is said to have received treatment for injuries.

Police officers denied that Sharath was involved in the accident. Ballari Police Superintendent, CK Baba, said there was no negligence or breach of duty by the police in the case. Ashoka's son was not in that car, he added.

On Thursday, Congress published what a photograph of Sharath said being taken in an SUV shortly after the accident. TOI could not independently confirm that the image was, in fact, of Sharath.

Interior Minister Basavaraj Bommai said he would get the details and then react to the accident on Friday. “There are two deaths in the accident. A pedestrian and a child in the car have lost their lives. Local people moved them to a hospital and a FIR was reserved the same day. I have no idea if the son of the revenue minister was in the car, he added.

Ashoka served as senior vice minister and interior minister in the previous BJP government from 2008 to 2013. He is a leading Vokkaliga leader representing the Padmanabanagar constituency in southern Bangalore.