Onnum Onnum Moonnu: Juhi Rustagi and boyfriend Rovin Gorge to celebrate Valentine's Day with Rimi Tomy

Mulakum Uppum Actress Juhi Rustagi recently made headlines as she left the show all of a sudden. But, the Actress doesn't seem to upset her fan base as she will be seen as a guest in popular celebrity show ' Onnum Onnum Moonnu '.

Interestingly, Juhi is accompanied by her boyfriend Dr. Rovin George in the special Valentine episode of the show presented by Rimi tomy . It is the first time the couple will be seen on a television show.

In the promotion that appeared online, Juhi and Rovin are seen making an entrance to the black twinning show. In the video, Juhi erases rumors about his wedding. When asked about the same thing, Juhi easily denied it. The duo also says they are not married or engaged. In addition to the interaction, the duo is also enjoying some romantic moments in the show.

Along with the duo, the newly married celebrity couple Hemanth and Nilina will also join the special episode.

Here is the video:

Juhi Rustagi is one of the most desirable young actresses of Malayalam TV. She shot to fame with her character Lechu in the popular sitcom ' Mulakum Uppum '. Recently, the Actress announced her exit from the show. In a video surfaced online, the young Actress said that she is leaving the sit-com, as she can't juggle between her studies and show commitments.