Bigg Boss 13: Arti Singh gets excited to see his trip; accuses Rashami of speaking more badly

On the last night episode (February 13), Mahira Sharma was evicted and big boss 13 got its 6 best finalists.

After surviving all the ups and downs, the 6 best contestants have the opportunity to relive their entire trip. The spectators have been an integral part of their trip and, therefore, the showcase is carried out in the presence of the fans and followers of the contestants.

The first contestant to see your trip is Arti singh . As her journey is projected, she gets emotional and thanks big boss for an exceptional experience. Tears stream down her cheeks when she sees herself ‘Independent Arti’ being flashed onto the screen.

After seeing his trip, he returns to the house and says that everyone will cry after seeing their respective trips. She tells Rashami that the latter has mistreated her more throughout the season. She tells Rashami that she saw on the AV, the number of times he spoke ill of her. While Arti doesn't seem annoying, she also takes the name of Paras, who criticized her.

After Arti, Sidharth is summoned to the days and can witness his trip.