It's a lonely Valentine's day for loving furtive in-laws!

SURAT: this Valentine's Day It will be a hard and hard day for the 48-year-old man who escaped with his son's mother-in-law only to return and separate. his love the story ended in a lot of regrets after their children's wedding was also suspended and the couple,

“I will not let her suffer because of me. I will make sure she lives a good life even if her husband does not accept it, ”said the man, with remorse reflected in his voice and eyes.

So, even as the world celebrates love , the man, who has been reunited with his wife and three children, after he and his ‘new-found-old- love ' were forced to return home in Surat, cuts a sorry and lonely figure.

More so, as her ‘ love interest’ finds herself in a more desperate situation as her husband refused to accept her after her love -misadventure.

“I don't want to maintain any relationship with her now. He returned, but if he really wanted to return, he should have returned in two or three days. But after spending so many days with another man, I won't accept it, ”said Mukul.

Meanwhile, after public shame for her family members, the woman accepts that it was a big mistake and is depressed. Family members say they are trying to normalize the situation and unite it with their family.

The two had fallen in love some 26 years ago after the man saw her at a wedding. However, her father rejected his marriage proposal citing he was not a good match financially.

Their romance was revived after the duo met in a kiss. Hours of talking on the phone led them to arrange their children's marriage, but they ended up running away after the husband discovered that the woman was having an affair with her daughter's future father-in-law.