Five ways to impress your date with wine on Valentine's Day

February is the most romantic month of the year, so spoil your special person with these fabulous wine experiences ready to use.

The irony of the most romantic day of the year is that it is full of clichés, from aromatic strawberries dipped in chocolate and beautiful frames to elegant dinners and ruby ​​red roses.

Wine is indelibly associated with romance: in fact, scientists claim that it has the same effect on the body as the love hormone, oxytocin. Considered an aphrodisiac, for D ionysus , the Olympic god of vintage and winemaking, wine was the symposium of pleasure. And indeed it is. If white wine is the perfect appetizer, red wine creates the right atmosphere and champagne is a charming Zenith In love The day Therefore, do not wait any longer before uncorking the bottle.

1. A grape escape to a vineyard: Escape from the city during a lovely weekend to experience winemaking and participate in the wine lifestyle can be an unforgettable experience. Seeing carefully braided vines on the hills, plump grapes growing on tendrils and huge wine vats and oak barrels help you appreciate the delicacy of the drink and its symbiotic connection to the land, as you deepen your own ties With your special person. Nashik, a few hours from Mumbai, the heart of India's wine region is full of the best known wineries in India, such as the Sula vineyards, the Grover Zampa vineyards, the Vallonne vineyards and the York winery. At this moment, Nashik is in the middle of the harvest season, so it is the perfect time to witness how magically the humble grape is transformed into a fascinating and delicious drink in the bottle. Traveling to a wine region is the perfect respite from a busy and disconnected urban life. If you want to expand your experience, you can even register at the sumptuous Tuscan-inspired villas called The Source or at the boutique wine getaway next to an Asian restaurant, in the Vallonne vineyards.

2. Sign up for a wine course: Learning and growing together is the best union that a couple can ask for, why not share their love for wine with mastery of everything they can about this enigmatic drink? The Wine&spiriteducationtrust,basedinlondon,theworld'sleadingwineeducator,teachescoursesonwineeducationthroughitstrustedpartnersinindia.therefore,youcanturn,sniffandsipyourwaythroughacrispysauvignonblancandadreamerpinotnoirwhilediscussingwhetheryoulovethecombinationofsparklingwinewithchocolateorcheeseinthefoodandwinepairingsection.guaranteed,whenyouleave,youwillhaveanewrespectforwineanditsinnumerablestyles.isn'tthistruelove?

3.giveasetofglasscups:eachwinedeservestobedrunkfromadecentglassofwine; one with an attractive shaped container to carry the wine with a thin stem to hold it. Wine glasses made of glass are brighter and thinner, so they feel delicate and wonderful to hold, thus improving your wine experience to a whole new level. Forget the jewels; This is a brilliant article that spells class and elegance.

4. A homemade meal, combined with wine: Amplify the romance by taking a dip. Light the candles, set the table and play jazz in the background to set the tone of a passionate evening. Keep the menu simple but fun. Think of a cheese fondue pot combined with a glass of Austrian Riesling refreshing or a crispy Chablis. Accompanied with butter scallops with a creamy chardonnay. And lightly grilled tender carrots with red wine vinegar served with a spicy garnacha. Followed by a roast chicken paired with a soft Pinot Noir. Let tonight be the one that impresses your date with your kitchen chops and your wine wit too. Of course, finish the meal with chocolate dipped strawberries and a glass of cold champagne. Even Escoffier will be proud!

5. A marathon of wine movies: In veritas wine, they say, or in wine, there is truth. Watch something tell the truth on TV and enjoy some deep conversations. Spend the night on the couch with your favorite wines and the coolest wine movies ever made. Escape to a fantasy world with rolling hills, magnificent vineyards, classic villas and a great dose of love. By Ridley Scott A good year takes you to a Provencal vineyard, starring the gentle Russel Crowe and the beautiful Marion Cotillard. Or stroll through the world of war and roses with the dreamer A walk on clouds, directed by heartbreaker Keanu Reeves, a dramatic family drama set in the Napa Valley in California. Otherwise, the riot of laughter for a minute, Oblique It is always a classic, with a good dose of drama and comedy, and a breath of complaints and wine. Greetings to that!

Sonal Holland, Master of Wine's Contributions