Dancer and choreographer Madhu Nataraj remembers Wendell Rodricks

The dancer and choreographer Madhu Nataraj went to social networks on Thursday and wrote a sincere message about meeting the late designer Wendell Rodricks for the first time. Madhu wrote how the designer played the perfect host that night and continued to be a friend thereafter. The dancer also praised the designer for his various efforts, including his activism and philanthropy.

Here is a look at Madhu's post:

How strange is this?

4 years ago, on this same day, Wendell had shared this image of Shreedevi and I with him ...

It was the summer of 1996 when his soulmate, Shree, introduced me to him.

Wendell and dear Jerome were the most wonderful hosts for us, then ... and during the following decades.

I still remember the first time we met, Jendall came in his old jeep to pick me up from the bus station. We recognized each other instantly ... we had never met before!

I always reviewed my artistic and personal journey, never hesitating to say what I felt was best for me. The last time we met at Shree&Shamsher's house, less than a month ago, he saw how Shree gave me a beautiful red. Chanderi dupatta and Shree added, make Madhu a good circle with him ... turn him into a dance suit.

MA and he had a mutual admiration club underway.

She often said What a handsome boy Wendell is and he blushed every time, congratulating her on her grace, beauty and kindness, and quickly added: If you had been younger and I wasn't gay, I would have taken you to the alter. :)


His brilliance, pioneering art, activism, philanthropy, bravery, quick wit, along with his humility, unconditional love for life and his loved ones, generosity and concern, made him an exceptional artist and a magnificent human being!

Atma Shanti 🙏🏽❤️