Violin Brothers to perform with dancers

Deb Sankar Roy and Jyoti Sankar Roy, popularly known as Fiddle Brothers, they must act in the city and for the first time they will perform a duet together with a dance recital. Deb Sankar said they have a twenty minute space and will play four compositions. There will be a composition based on Vivaldi's work, while two others will be based on ragas Bhairavi and Kalabati, he added.

While the brothers will be playing the violins, a dance troupe will perform alongside. “This is something we have never done before and I am sure, this will be fun and interesting,” Deb Sankar added. Besides this, Fiddle Brothers are also busy with a French project. The duo have recently joined hands with Olivia Villeroy, a French singer , and they are arranging music for a symphony. Very soon he will perform in a symphony and we have designed all the sound of the concert, said Deb Sankar.