Vadinamma Update, February 11: Bharat does not understand Siri

In the last episode of Vadinamma , Bharat dreams of spending a romantic time with Siri . Share your excitement with your uncle in the store. In the meantime, Sailu is glad that Raghu and Sita They have allowed him to get a job. Laxman discourages her by pointing out her laziness. She says she will renovate the house with her first salary and soon the whole family will depend on her. Laxman asks him to get a job first and falls asleep.

Sita understands Siri’s feelings for Bharat and feels happy that they are getting along well now. Siri says she hated Bharat earlier. She adds that she married Bharat out of respect for her father and at a point, even wanted to commit suicide, too. Bharat, who overheard this conversation, is shattered to know this. He assumes that Siri has zero feelings for him and she is just living with him for the sake of the marriage. He throws the gift he got for her and walks away. Siri tells Sita that she soon realized the true nature of Bharat. She hails Bharat and adds that she is lucky to have him as her husband.

Sailu wakes up Laxman and asks him for an idea to get her certificates from her house. Laxman asks her to take her sister’s help. She likes the idea and tries the same.

Bharat joins his uncle and they consume alcohol. He tells him that Siri doesn’t love him and she was faking it all this while.