We are trying to implement a faster pass game, Dennerby insists

NEW DELHI: Thomas Dennerby , in charge of preparing the Indian team for the next FIFA U17 female World cup He said Tuesday that his players are trying to implement a faster passing game.

When asked what changes he has brought since his appointment as head coach, Dennerby talked about playing with few touches on the ball.

It's for everyone to see that with each day, the game is getting faster and faster. We are trying to implement a faster passing game with fewer touches on the ball and more runs. We are making a sincere effort to play at a higher pace, he said.

India will organize the tournament in November and, as part of the preparation, the team traveled to Turkey for two friendlies against the Romanian national team U-17.

We are trying to form a new formation: 4-2-3-1. If we look at the profile of the players we have, I think it suits us very well. We have played some games between us, but the real test is to play internationally, Dennerby said.

With less than nine months left for the World cup , he was asked how the players are shaping up.

The girls are now much more fit and very skilled at playing at a higher rate. The good thing is that the gap between the best players and the rest, both in terms of technical insight and physical skill, is getting closer.

That is a very positive signal for any coach. There is currently a big fight: a healthy competition among players for slot machines on the team, he said.

As a result, the team is benefiting, Indian football You are benefiting The most important part is that when someone gets in better shape, they force others to get their socks up and also get in shape.