BSP also disappeared when the AAP tsunami swept through Delhi

NEW DELHI: Once it was a formidable force, it lost the deposit in all the seats it challenged in the elections of the Delhi Assembly on February 8 and could see its percentage of votes fall below one percent at the end of the final account

On the performance of his party, the president of the state of BSP said: It is polarization that has decimated us ... those who were against BJP voted for the AAP.

He also said that excessive Hindutva has caused damage to both the BJP and its party. The central vote did not think that we are a formidable force in Delhi, he said.

Laxman Singh said it was a tsunami.

The BSP achieved its best performance in the Delhi polls in 2008, when it saw two candidates elected, and the party was second in 5 seats.

In 2013, the party did not win any seats, but obtained 5.5 percent of the votes, but in 2015, when the AAP obtained 67 unprecedented seats, the BSP experienced a drop in vote participation of 1.25 per hundred.

In this election, BSP winners Ram Singh Netaji won as an AAP candidate and so did Surendra Kumar of (SC), said Laxman Singh.

A senior BSP leader said the party had the population of 25 lakh Dalit from Delhi, who voted for Congress and moved to the AAP in 2013, but could not convince them to support him.