AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal wins the New Delhi seat, defeats Sunil Kumar Yadav of BJP

NEW DELHI: Supreme AAP Arvind Kejriwal On Tuesday he won the seat of the New Delhi assembly, defeating by 21697 votes, PTI reported.

His party, the Aam Aadmi Party, was on its way to a crushing victory on Tuesday in the high-level polls of the Delhi assembly, leaving the main rival BJP behind and decimating Congress in a hard-fought contest that took place in the middle of mass protests for the new citizenship law.

The AAP led in 63 seats, the BJP in seven constituencies, while Congress went blank in the 70-member assembly, according to the latest vote count.

Earlier, addressing the public and the AAP workers, he said: I love you, Delhi ... aapne a ghazab kar diya.

He, along with other leaders of the AAP, said Tuesday that the mandate demonstrates the true meaning of nationalism, referring to the aggressive campaign centered on nationalism by the BJP against the AAP development board.

The great victory of the AAP comes almost eight months after it suffered a strong beating in the Lok Sabha polls in which the game went blank while the BJP won all seven seats.

Among the heavyweights of the AAP that won the elections after a nail bite were Chief Vice Minister Manish Sisodia, Ragav Chaddha and Atishi. The cabinet ministers of Delhi, Gopal Rai, Satyender Jain, were also among the outstanding winners.

Elections in the national capital were held amid mass protests in the city and elsewhere for the new citizenship law, an issue that was strongly raised by the main leaders of the BJP during the campaign, which often became Bitter and vitriolic.

BJP political opponents accused the saffron party of carrying out a divisive campaign to polarize voters by constantly highlighting the 50-day demonstration of a group of women in the Shaheen Bagh area.

Although the BJP campaign focused on national security issues, the AAP focused primarily on its achievements in the fields of education, health and infrastructure.

The AAP had registered a sensational victory in 2015 by winning 67 seats in a hurricane march that almost annihilated the BJP and Congress.

We have been saying from the beginning that the next polls will be fought on the basis of the work done by us ... Wait and look, we will record a massive victory, AAP spokesman Sanjay Singh told reporters.

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