Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Update, February 10: Saumitra pretends to be sick

In the last episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Saumitra attends the parent meeting in Atharva from school

Atharva's friends tease him for addressing Saumitra as ‘Kaka’. Saumitra convinces Atharva’s friends and explains the definition of parenthood. Later, Revati & Radhika praise Saumitra for his understanding skills.

On the other hand, Shanaya returns home & informs her mom about a call. She informs about winning a gift hamper & the delivery guy is waiting outside their house. Shanaya ’s mom informs her that someone tried to mislead her.

On the other hand, Gurunath makes a plan to sell the company’s product & tries to impress Maya. He also convinces Maya saying they need to work at the ground level to develop their business. Gurunath asks Maya to trust him. Maya gives a cheque to Gurunath for business development purposes.

Later, Gurunath shows the cheque to KD & informs him that it is just a start & there are more to come.

The same day, Gurunath ’s mom calls Radhika & informs her about Atharva ’s birthday. Radhika & Gurunath ’s mom plans to celebrate Atharva ’s birthday at the Gulmohar society.

The late-night, Gurunath returns home as Shanaya asks Gurunath where he was. Gurunath gives a bundle of cash to Shanaya ’s mom & tries to impress her. Shanaya gets angry at her mom for receiving Gurunath ’s money.

The next day, Radhika tries to wake up Saumitra but Saumitra pretends to be sick & informs Radhika that he is not feeling well. He convinces Radhika to stay at home. Lastly, Radhika gets to know that Saumitra is pretending. Saumitra wakes up & convinces Radhika for shopping but she denies it. Atharva also convinces Radhika for his birthday shopping. Lastly, Radhika finally decides to stay at home.