The music festival 'Surjahan' witnesses a great conclusion with multilingual performances

The final day of the World Peace Music Festival Surjahan witnessed a melodious performance of world folk music by the award-winning band Coreyah from South Korea. His music was a reflection of the rich mix of tradition and modernity.

Glimpses of the band 'Coreyah' from South Korea performing on the final day of Surjahan in JKK.

His musical style consisted of a mixture of various genres of ethnic and world music, as well as popular music, while maintaining the distinctive Korean musical flavor imparted by traditional instruments.

The 6-member ensemble had performers in traditional Korean instruments such as Daegeum, Sogeum, Tungso, Geomungo and traditional Korean drums, as well as a vocalist, guitarist and percussionist. The band members included: Sang Wook An, Boyoung Ham, Sun Jin Na, Jaehyeon Ko, Jaesik Park, Dong Kun Kim and Cho Rong Kim.

The evening concluded with a brilliant musical display in several languages ​​of the women musicians of Denmark's Radiant Arcadia. The band, formed by Annette Bellaoui in 2013, showed their ability to collaborate through traditions, languages ​​and nationalities. The musicians are of Muslim, Jewish and Christian origin.

Covering a wide range of languages, cultures and musical styles, Radiant Arcadia presented a variety of musical traditions such as Nordic, Celtic, jazz, rock, klezmer and Middle Eastern ballads. The band members included: Tine Vitskov (clarinet and bass clarinet), Maren Hallberg (accordion), Anne Eltard (violin), Salam Susu (harp and vocals), Karen Jorgensen and Channe Nussbaum (vocals), Aoife Scott (vocals and Irish Drums) and Radia Sanchez (Voice and Daff).