Yuzvendra Chahal is the number 1 choice for the T20 World Cup: Harbhajan Singh

JAIPUR: In Ravi Bishnoi, India has a new star. The heroic effort of the leg thrower in the ICC U-19 World Cup final against Bangladesh has not only won many praise from the game's legends, but has also once again become the center of attention in spinning bowling .

In an exclusive conversation with TOI, former star of India. Harbhajan singh He said that Bishnoi has yet to embark on a long and arduous route before getting an international look.

Chat Excerpts:

The actions of the spinner legs are at an all time high in India. How do you see the incorporation of Ravi Bishnoi into the pool?

It's good to see what he did during the U19 World Cup. Obviously, it would have been better to see the boys bring the Cup back. Speaking of leg spinner, it's great to have a good group of leggies. Yuzvendra Chahal It's there and now we have Bishnoi and Rahul Chahar too. Also, let's not forget Amit Mishra, who is no longer considered, but I feel he still has a lot of cricket and is the most mature player at the moment and can still serve the nation.

Comparisons are being drawn between Rashid Khan and Bishnoi, and some experts even feel that he will soon replace Yuzvendra Chahal ...

Don't compare Bishnoi with anyone. I would like to see it grow as time passes. He has done well and now he needs to think how to take another step that includes how he will perform at the IPL and at the Ranji Trophy level. If he acts consistently there, he will surely be considered. But I'd like to see him play more leg turns instead of the googlies. There aren't many spinners other than (Amit) Mishra that have a good combination of googlies and leg spin. Bishnoi should become a leg shooter who will cheat a batter with his googlies. You should not be just another bowler who is playing googlies because your leg spin is not good enough.

Do you think that the performance of Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Bishnoi, Chahar in the IPL will influence the team selection for T20 World Cup ?

IPL performance will have a great impact on selectors. These players should be at their best to show that they deserve to be in the national team. Whether Chahal, Bishnoi or Rahul, in the end it will be reduced to who handles the pressure better. Chahal is a proven player and the new lot is competing with someone who has already done so at that level. They will have to do twice as much work as what Yuzi will have to do. Chahal has a strong argument for being in the World Cup team. I feel it is the number 1 choice.

Given Yadav's recent form, can you take a look at the T20 WC team?

There are phases and it is an integral part of the life of a bowler, since you cannot be at your best at all times. Give him some time, let him think about his game, let him come back with a fresh mind and I'm sure he will do well.