I am not a Masterchef, but I am a happy chef: Anu Hasan

Anu Hasan He is known for quite a few avatars. She is an actress, television presenter and entrepreneur. But at her last concert, she gives the public a look at her gourmet side. While people see food as an art or a science, Anu prefers to look at it through the prism of love. This is exactly what he does in his new series of 12 episodes, where he prepares easy recipes.

“When he approached me to present Get Set Cook, my face lit up because I love food. We want to show people that cooking doesn't take long. Regardless of what you believe, there must be joy in the kitchen. As they say in the West, the most important ingredient is the top shelf ingredient, which is love, ”says the actress and adds that she would present the comforting food to the public with great insight.

Each recipe will be accompanied by a good memory or a warm anecdote related to food. Among the recipes Anu would be making are Malabar Prawn Curry, Mutton Chukka, Bisi Bele Bath and milkshakes. Her worldliness and her love for cooking make her ideal for cooking in front of the screen, she says. “I am not a MasterChef, but I am a happy chef. Childhood is always associated with memories. I wanted to bring some quick and easy titbits to make cooking even more interesting, ”says the actress.

But with the food-based programs that continue to spiral as we speak, was there any doubt to add to the mess? I feel that there is a niche audience that would like to see my focus, says Anu, and adds with a smile, I am not competing with anyone. I have not done all my life. Coming from a family like mine, how can I compete with someone?

His first memory of the meal was a clear indication of what was to come, recalls the actress. “My first memory of the kitchen was when I was eight or nine years old in the backyard of my Trichy house, where I built a small stove with bricks and firewood. My first dish was the vegetable pulao, which I made with a Rukmani kitchen. That's where the directions came in. I was an unconventional creature that will want to do traditional things in an unconventional way, ”he says with a smile.

Anu, who made his debut with Indira by Suhasini Maniratnam, has a filmography that has a poor track record. Her most recent Tamil movie was the 2017 movie Fence Desam, which saw her as an armed action heroine. “I am quite selective when it comes to movies. Either the paper must be interesting or the team must be nice. For me it's all about the experience. There are movies that I have made simply because there was probably a car accident scene, for example, that I would need to do a stunt job, ”he recalls.

It was on television that he left a mark by presenting talk shows and reality series. But anchoring on Indian national television is no longer what it used to be, Anu tells us. “When it comes to presenting, it's about qualifications. You cannot exacerbate people's emotions for grades. I have come across this approach, which doesn't suit me. We need to portray the emotions of people with class and sensitivity. Therefore, I am going backwards. I understand that people have a voyeuristic tendency to know other people's stories, but it must be done with dignity, says Anu.