Audi will offer lifestyle services to customers in India

NEW DELHI: German luxury car manufacturer Audi He is preparing to become a service provider as well, offering a series of premium lifestyle services to his clients in India, according to a senior official of the firm.

Under its 2025 strategy of focusing on customer service as well as improving the product portfolio and the sales and service network in the Indian market, it is working to further develop the concierge services it offers to its car buyers .

We are an automotive company at this point of time at least, obviously moving forward from an automotive company, we will probably become a service provider. That is the way forward ..., Head told PTI.

Elaborating on the plan, he said at present there are around 75,000 Audi owners in India who have purchased car priced above Rs 30-40 lakh and the data of these customers will help it devise ways to further interact with them and offer what they want.

So when we move from a carmaker to a service provider there are so many things in your life as an Audi customer which you need on a day-to-day basis. We are evaluating, working on how do we reach your home more than by just selling the car and providing aftersales services, he said.

For instance, Dhillon said through the concierge services available on the company's app, an Audi owner can seek help in booking a restaurant, ordering a bouquet, or even plan to watch mega sporting events like Wimbledon.

It is an extension of the services we offer slowly ... Basically, from the car to the personal lifestyle you need. For example, let's say you need to buy a very exclusive clothing, we can suggest where you sew your clothes. These are all services that are offered from now on as a gesture of goodwill, but this could become a profit center in the future, he said.

Luxury accessories that the company sells to Audi customers, in the times to come could be co-branded with another brand, he said adding, these are the new territories which the company will experiment with.

Dhillon also said: At this moment we will arrive in three or five years, I don't know, but are we going in that direction? The answer is yes. They are a little unknown waters.

When asked how far the company has progressed in this front, Dhillon said Audi will have to do a lot of experimentations.

We will have to work with many partners, which may not be automotive companies, but anything that is in and around the car ... There are discussions with a couple of partners.

He also said that the company will have a clinic for clients that must also understand, since we do not want to do things that customers do not like, in which we will not only ask about the car but also about their needs, habits, lifestyle and how we reach them more, what more do they expect from us, as manufacturers in the next three to five years.

Dhillon also said: It is necessary to commit to them to find the answers. It is the beginning, maybe from a year and a half from now we would be in a better position to answer this question when we had tried a few more things. We just started.