Joe Biden calls the voter a liar soldier with a dog face

MANCHESTER: former vice president of the United States Joe biden He was criticized on Sunday after calling a dog-faced pony liar woman at a campaign event in New Hampshire.

In an exchange that was widely shared on social media, 21-year-old Georgian university student Madison Moore asked the hopeful presidency to explain her poor performance in the Iowa caucus last week.

It's a good question, Biden replied, whose status as a national favorite for the Democratic nomination was shaken by a harmful fourth place on the Iowa committees.

Have you ever been to a caucus? He asked the Mercer University student, who nodded.

No, you haven't, Biden said. You are a pony soldier liar with a dog face.

The press secretary of the Biden campaign tweeted that the comment was a joke: It's from a John wayne movie and made it many times before.

But the comment still generated criticism online, and many Twitter users said the comment was not fun.

"If he can't handle a simple question from one of his own supporters, how can Joe biden possibly take on Donald Trump one on one for six months?" tweeted Donald Trump Jr, the US president's son.

Moore told The Washington Post that it was totally irrelevant whether I have been in a caucus or not.

" Joe biden has been performing incredibly poorly in this race. His inability to answer a simple question from a nobody college student like me only exacerbates that reality," she said.