Assassin of the head of the Hindu team held after the match

LUCKNOW: Less than a week after Ranjeet Bachchan, who founded a team called Vishwa Hindu Mahasabha, was shot dead, the alleged shooter was arrested after a brief encounter, shortly after midnight on Friday.

Police said Jitendra, the shooter, had come to collect cash from a relative's house before fleeing to Nepal . A .32 caliber pistol was seized from his possession, which was also the murder weapon, police said. On Friday, Jitendra came to meet a relative and the police teams were pressured into action.

Police said they set a trap on Lucknow-Kanpur Road. Around 12:30 a.m., they stopped their bicycle near a checkpoint and asked him to show the bicycle registration documents, in which he opened fire and accelerated.

Another police team intercepted him but again opened fire. A police officer shot him in the leg and Jitendra fell off the bicycle.