Jharkhand Minister Joba Manjhi advocates liquor ban in the state

JAMSHEDPUR: Alcohol consumption habits, especially among men, ruined homes and several tribal families have to face this consequence. Expressing anguish over this concern, the state minister for the welfare of women and children, who took over recently, speaking exclusively with TOI, said: I wish that a liquor ban would also be imposed.

In response to a query, Manoharpur JMM MLA, 60, pointed out how Adivasi women have to suffer when their men arrive drunk at their homes and often beat them. The minister said that drinking habits often spoil the economy of tribal families, who are already poor.

Manjhi said: To impose a liquor ban as in the neighbor, several things must be considered before implementing it.

She said several other ministries have to agree with her before the liquor ban can be imposed. The minister agreed that she would discuss the matter with the CM and her colleagues in the cabinet and inform them how the liquor ban would be a blessing for women here.

He agreed that many procedures, which concern several ministries, must be completed before a step in this direction can be taken.

Notably, Disom guru and former CM Shibu Soren , a strict vegetarian and abstemious, during the Jharkhand movement he used to move in the rural areas of southern Bihar now Jharkhand and urged the Adivasis to stop drinking. Many villagers still remember how Guruji, in most of his nightly speeches, spoke in detail about the bad consequences of drinking habits among the tribes, which affected his economy and were forced to seek help from the lenders, who in turn their land was stolen.

Manjhi also stressed the need to improve the educational level among Adivasi women. She said: Efforts must be made to ensure that more Adivasi girls enroll in universities and that school dropout has to be interrupted.

The minister said that education can eliminate various social problems such as witchcraft, which exist among the tribes in Jharkhand and that often lead to many murders.

She expected all ministers to work hand in hand to ensure the safety of women in the state. She agreed that much must be done to control human trafficking, another problem that torments the state.

Manjhi said the public distribution system (PDS) should be renewed so that no one has a hard time getting food grains. The minister had previously noted that several defects in the online PDS affect many in Jharkhand.