Chhattisgarh HC defends the death of a man in the case of rape and murder of a minor

RAIPUR: He has confirmed the conviction and a defendant, who raped and murdered a five-year-old girl with different abilities in Bhilai.

The division bank understood and pointed out in its order that the deceased person was unfortunate, had hearing and speech impairments and the defendant had betrayed the trust of the deceased person's family and local members.

The defendant attracted the child to his house under the pretext of providing chocolates. She was gagged, raped and then killed by the defendant in her own home who kept the body in a white plastic bag. Subsequently, Ram Sona disappeared and was not available for investigations.

According to the order of the higher court, the matter involves two petitions, one filed by the state government that is a reference under Section 366 of the CrPC for confirmation of the death sentence granted to the defendant Ram Sona for a crime under the Sections 376 (A) and 302 of The IPC. While the other preferred by the appellants, including Ram Sona, Kunti Sona and Amrit Singh, challenges his conviction and sentence imposed by the Court of First Instance in special trial sessions.

The superior court, in its order, said that up to 13 witnesses were examined by the prosecution and, based on the evidence recorded, the trial judge convicted all defendants and sentenced Ram Sona to be hanged to death for a crime in the relevant sections. of the CPI, with other prayers for the remaining charges. The defendants, Kunti and Amrit, have also been sentenced to spend different periods of imprisonment for the charges against him.

According to the order, the statement of Ram Sona's memo reveals about the commission of sexual relations, hitting the deceased's head on the ground and putting the body in a plastic bag and keeping the same nearby bricks in the yard. He also talks about Amrit Singh having seen him commit a violation, which is also mentioned in the statement of Singh's memorandum. In addition, the statements of Kunti and Singh indicate that together with Ram Sona they took the body in a white plastic bag and threw it near the Nala bus, next to the railroad track.

The appellants' lawyer argued that the prosecution has framed the names of the accused.

The additional lawyer, Fouzia Mirza, argued the content of the confessional statements of the defendant Ram Sona that tells about the injuries found in the person of the deceased in the post mortem report. According to Section 30 of the memorandum, the declaration of co-defendant is admissible as evidence if it is self-inflicted.

The order said that the chain of circumstantial evidence was duly proven against all the defendants, including Ram Sona.

“It is not a case of rape and murder of any stranger. The defendant has betrayed the trust and confidence of the family of the deceased and the members of the locality also, because being a resident of the same locality, the people around him may not have suspected the defendant Ram Sona who is likely to commit some damage or offense with the girl, ”said the order.

(The identity of the victim has not been revealed to protect their privacy according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)