Mallika Dua: people don't know that I am a trained actor

Influencer and social media comedian Mallika Dua who appeared in the short film, also with Aparshakti Khurana, said she wants to work more on films and shows because she is a trained actress.

Mallika has appeared in the web series and films such as 'Hindi Medium', 'Namaste England' and 'Zero', to name a few.

What most people don't know is that I am a trained actor. I have a acting degree; He had never seen me as an actor. Only in our film industry, people do not see comedy as a branch of acting. I maybe play a comic role more easily than others. They also throw me at them more frequently. But I want to make a variety of roles and that is why the short film 'Nawa' spoke to me. My way forward is to write more, audition more and experiment with the work I get, Mallika told the media agency.

The story of the short film revolves around a broken marriage of a couple and their dog Nawab. Mallika plays a girl who has a pet care center.

The movie also presents Maria Goretti , Geetika Vidya , Seema Pawha and is directed by Mansi Jain .

When asked about his experience of working with Aparshakti, Mallika said: Working with Aparshakti is great. We filmed for a whole day and he is a talented actor. We had a connection quite north of India, which was fun! It is really fun!

Does Mallika have a pet at home? I love cats. My sister has a cat and she is like my own cat. I'm quite obsessed with her. Previously I found cute cats from a distance and now when my sister got this cat, I started to get hooked. It changed our lives. I really want a cat, but my lifestyle is quite busy, unpredictable. If I had had the right help and routine life, I would have had five fat Persian cats at home

That is the ideal situation, the actress smiled.