Lok Sabha's proceedings were suspended after an uproar over Harsh Vardhan's comments

NEW DELHI: Lok's proceedings were suspended for almost an hour on Friday after the uproar over Union Harsh Vardhan's comments on Rahul Gandhi Recent statement against Minister Narendra Modi.

During question hour when Rahul rose to ask a question , Harsh Vardhan said he would like to first "unequivocally condemn the outlandish remarks of the Congress leader against Prime Minister Narendra Modi" made during an election rally.

This caused a strong reaction from the banks that forced the chair to lift the Chamber until 1 in the afternoon.

Rahul earlier this week, during an election rally in Delhi allegedly said Ye jo Narendra Modi bhashan of raha hai, 6 mahine baad and ghar se bahar nahi nikal payega. Hindustan ke yuva isko aisa danda marenge (six months from now, Narendra Modi will not be able to leave his home, the youth of the country will hit him with sticks).