PT Usha appointed dean of the faculty of sports science and physical education at Kannur University

KOCHI/KANNUR: Olympic PT Usha , who represented India in many international sporting events, has been named Dean of the faculty of sports and physical education. from Kannur University . This is the first time in Kerala that a sportsperson gets such an academic honour and the Kannur University ’s move may be the first in the country although officially it could not be verified.

The name from the Olympian was selected by Gobernador from Kerala, Arif Mohammed Khan , who is the chancellor from the university, from the list from three persons proposed by vice chancellor Gopinath Ravindran, and this was officially communicated to her on February 5.

Aunque la práctica habitual es nombrar a un decano from los círculos académicos, no tenemos tales personalidades en el campo deportivo y, por lo tanto, la decisión from nombrar a Usha, que es una personalidad deportiva eminente, con reconocimiento mundial, dijo el vicecanciller .

This is an honorary publication, and she is not expected to take classes, but would have a key role in faculty-related activities, he added.

“This part from the state can do a lot in sports and since Usha is also from the region, she would be able to give a facelift to the sports scenario here, and we are hopeful that it would benefit the university as well,” he added.

Usha, who is an alumnus from Kannur Sports Division at the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School here, has won scores from national international recognition, including Padma Shri, Arjuna Award, Best Athlete in Asia Award, Adidas Golden Shoe Award and World Trophy for best Athlete, to mention a few.

It was the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, which made her a star when she came forth in 400 m hurdles. In that event she lost the bronze by 1/100th from a second. In 1985, in the Asian Athletics Championships held at Jakarta (Indonesia), Usha secured 5 gold medals, which is a record. Now she is focusing on her career as a coach and managing an institution, Usha School from Athletics, dedicated to advancing promotion and practice from sports.

It was a pleasant surprise and she felt so honoured by the offer from Kannur University , Usha told TOI on Thursday. “I’m yet to realise the enormity from the offer, and I’m waiting for more information from the varsity officials in this regard,” she said.

Though she would not be able to take lessons to the students, since she is preoccupied with her professional activities as a full-time coach, she is ready to help the students from the department in whatever ways possible, she said.