Shaheen Bagh of Calcutta completes one month

KOLKATA: Protesters prepared for a longer struggle in their fight for the new citizenship law and the national citizens' registry on the day their sitting was completed one month.

Hundreds of protesters, many of whom have come regularly since January 7 when the sit-in began, promised not to give up without a fight and not back down until the Center repeals the CAA.

The fight has just begun. It will be a long struggle for our rights against a brutal regime. But it is encouraging to see that there has been great support from people from all walks of life who want to save the Constitution. said Asmat Jamil, who has played an important role in mobilizing support and opinion in Park Circus Maidan.

After a series of shooting incidents in Delhi and, the safety of protesters has been a concern for organizers.

On Thursday, several CCTV cameras were installed near the place where they sit inside the Maidan so that anyone involved in any suspicious activity can be seen and identified. The number of police in the place has also increased. There is also a strong presence of police officers at the Dharna site. Protective railings have been placed at all access points to the site to sit.

The protests have been peaceful, and we want them to stay that way. There are elements that are trying to derail the entire movement calling it communal and violent. We are alert against such attempts, Jamil said.

Protests have grown organically since January 7 when a handful of women began demonstrating against CAA and NRC inside the Maidan. Very few people gave us importance. Most of them thought that we are ordinary housewives who will run home after our husbands begin to scold us for doing activism. But both support and people arrived as usual and there are days when participation has crossed several thousand, Jamil said.

The place now has a corner of readers and walls adorned with catchy slogans and graffiti. People have donated hundreds of books. It is a mixture of people from all communities and social strata.

Concerns about CAA and NRC are not limited to any particular community. Everyone is concerned about the discriminatory nature of the new citizenship law. On any day we have people from all communities and religions who come to show solidarity. They bring food, books and good wishes, said Nousheen Baba Khan, a central member of the organizing committee.

Protesters have also been protesting peacefully on Zakaria, Rajabazar and Ekbalpore Street for several days. We will not give up until the BJP government reverses the CAA and focus on important issues such as education, health and poverty eradication, said Mohammad Alauddin de Rajabazar.