The prime minister's speech in Parliament ranged from 'stand-up comedy' and 'rank communalism': Congress

NEW DELHI: Congress described the Prime Minister on Thursday Narendra Modi The speech in Parliament as one that oscillated between standing comedy and rank communism, and said he should apologize for cheating the country by citing Jawaharlal Nehru out of context.

The congressional spokesman said it was unfortunate that the prime minister made reference to Pakistan seven times during his address and accused him of hyphenating India with Pakistan during the last five years.

Tiwari referred to Modi's response to the motion of thanks to the president's speech

He also accused Modi of destroying the Indian economy and said the prime minister is covering up this by dividing society through polarization.

It is extremely unfortunate and deeply regrettable that the prime minister's comments oscillated between stand-up comedy, half truths and rank communalism. It is regrettable that the Prime Minister of India should quote one of his illustrious predecessors Jawaharlal Nehru completely out of context, I said

El primer ministro debería disculparse con el país por citar un acuerdo firmado con otro país completamente out of context. El primer ministro eligió deliberadamente engañar a la Cámara, dijo.